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The Benefits of Praise!

Praise is a word used daily in Christian circles. Some use praise to describe a form of music. Others see praise as a style of dance expression set to music in a church. Although there are many opinions on the two examples stated, every Christian has experienced a blessing from God which cause them to say “Praise the Lord!” The how and when of authentic praise may vary. This article is not designed to debate the modern church’s view of praise which tends to be questionable at best. Instead I want to focus on the principles and benefits of praise in the words of Psalms 34:1-10. There are four powerful benefits of authentic praise founded in these verses.

1. Praise will increase your faith. (vv1-2) David, the writer of this Psalm, penned this Psalms during one of the most challenging times in his life. David was on the run from King Saul and found himself in the kingdom of King Abimelech, an enemy of Israel. To get himself out of a sticky situation, David pretended to be a lunatic. Yet it was during this crisis of life that David pauses to capture these words reaffirming his commitment to praising God at all times. Like David, we too will experience challenges. During our struggles, we too must reaffirm our commitment to praise the Lord at all times. Instead of complaining and griping that life is not fair. Let’s, as David did, allow praise to be continually in our mouths. Praise is gratitude towards God for what He has done, is doing, and will do on our behalf. That level of praise will increase our faith.

2. Praise will expel your fears. (vv3-5) Fear is big business. The devil uses fear to paralyze the believer’s heart. Someone has wisely stated that fear is false evident appearing real. As we look at the problems in our lives, we too can become fearful, but praise is the believer’s remedy for fear. David provides the secret to victory over fears; seek the Lord until we hear from Him and He delivers us from all our fears. Once we experience level of deliverance, we too will invite the world to magnify the Lord and exalt His name along with us. To magnify means to make large. Are we making our fears larger than our God? Authentic praise focuses on God who is bigger than ALL our fears!

3. Praise will defeat your foes. (vv6-7) When David surrendered to the Lord, He defeated David’s enemies. There are foes in our lives that cannot be defeated until we do the same and surrender. Praise resides in a heart surrendered to His protection, plan and purpose for our lives. God will dispatch His angels to encamp all around us and defend us. There many testimonials of God showing up in miraculously ways for those who feared Him and place their trust in Him. Whether your enemy is the giant of despair, disappointments and loss or whether it is a physical, mental, emotional, or financial foe, God is able to save us out of all our troubles. If you believe this your heart of hearts, your praise will defect your foes!

4. Praise will bless us with favor. (vv8-10) In these verses, David spells out what is means to taste or sample this life of praising the Lord that yield blessings. The action steps is for us to apply is to trust, fear, and seek the Lord. When we do, we will see or realize that the Lord is good and we will not want for any good thing. Authentic praise declares to God, “Lord, I trust you at all times, I fear you above my situation, and therefore, I will look to you for victory and deliverance.” This type of praise attracts the favor of God.

There are many more benefits of praising the Lord. However, there are no downside. As declared in verse 5, our faces will not be ashamed when we offer authentic praise to God. This type of praise is genuine and does not need music to inspire or motivate it. It is inspired by a deep relationship with Lord that ascends mere external and shiny weather praise. Let your soul make her boast in the Lord!


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