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Sunday - 10AM Sunday School, 11AM Worship Service, 1st Sunday Communion Service | Wednesday - 7PM Bible Study & Prayer

Welcome to Truth Baptist Church

Truth Baptist Church is an Independent Baptist Church.  By Independent, we simply mean we have no hiearchy system or organization that governs our church.  Our pastor looks to the Lord Jesus Christ for direction and guidance for the church.  The church belongs to the Lord, so we follow His direction.   By Baptist, we mean that we believe that the distinctive teaching of the baptist denomination is in line with the Word of God.  The trend today is for churches to declare themselves non-denominational.  Denominations help people  clearly understand what a church believes before you ever step foot in the church door.  If a church is not attached to a denomination, they might believe anything.   

Doctrine is important.  The word doctrine is synonymous with the word "teaching".  If a church tells you that doctrine is not important, they believe what you are taught is not important.  The wrong doctrine (or teaching) on heaven will sentence you to an eternity in hell.  We will never shy away from telling you exactly what we believe and what the bible teaches because it is important.

We are a small church that is truly more interested in the spiritual growth of people than the numerical growth of the church.  We believe that God can do more with 20 faithful people and with 2000 half-hearted church members.  As such, you will find a pleasant atmosphere at Truth Baptist Church which enhances and encourages your growth through the preaching and interactive teaching ministries of the church.  We encourage you to experience our church services for yourself.  You will then understand why we are called "The friendliest church in the world".

Please visit our "Plan your visit" page to know what to expect when you visit our church.